Meet The Planners


It all started in 2011 when two peas in a pod, Vishal & Vanessa, brought together their combined strengths of creativity and innovation to start an event planning company. Over time they realised that their strengths as a team didn't just apply to work, but also in life. One just couldn't do without the other. Two years married and over two dozen weddings under their belt, they are still just as inspired and as passionate as the very first event they planned together.

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Vishal Lakhiani

The creative force behind Eventures’ truly unique events, Vishal's only face is his game face (except at the after party). He is easy going yet reliable, he listens to your stories with  deep thought as he allows the ideas to play like fireworks in his mind. He is not afraid to break down walls to help you make your dream celebration come true. Vishal is a bubble of of energy wherever he goes. He is the kind of person who easily breaks the ice and believes that laughter is the only way to get him through the day.


vanessa hutter-Lakhiani

Vanessa is the face of Eventures. She makes sure that everyone she works with is well taken care of and having the time of their lives. She creates a calm environment so you can focus on the joys of your celebration. She works hard to understand your needs and strives to exceed your expectations. She is outgoing and fun, and has an undying dedication to every project she gets her hands on. Vanessa's experience is what makes her great at what she does, but it’s her heart that adds soul to the events that she plans.